Ever heard about a sweet Japanese called mochi? Mochi is a Japanese rice cake, made of mochigome, a short–grain japonica glutinous rice. The traditionally mochi can eventually either be filled with a delicious gel or eaten without, you can even fill them with fruit if you like, the opportunities are endless, as long as you are creative.

I’ve tried this kind of sweets before, the rice cake was covered with sesame and filled with some kind of sesame filling. I really liked them, even tho it got a bit too sweet in the end. 

I even got the change to taste a new mochi during my month in Hong Kong. This one is a strawberry mochi, filled with a sweet gel, with the taste of strawberry. I must admit that those were the Best mochis I’ve ever had. The sweetness and the taste was perfect. I would definitely love to eat those kind of delicate mochis again.