Mini Haul

I had a final assignment yesterday, after that, I went to meet my boyfriend in centrum, and we went for a mini haul, I decided to buy a little something to myself.

A Seamless Medium, fully lined sports bra, from H&M. In the colour black/grey. You can buy the same bra right here— Seamless Medium Sports Bra. The only difference, is the choice of colours.

The fabric is made of polyamide and polyester and really comfortable to wear, I have not been able to use it, I have only tried it once I brought it with me home. However I cannot wait to use it more. 😀

 I paid 129 SEK for the bra, which is aprox 15,16 USD.


My type of jewlery

 The Bow Knuckle, $16,00

   Classical Knuckle, $14,00

Crown Knuckle, $18,00

Crown Ring, $19,00

Eiffel Tower Knuckle, $18,00
Heart Knot Ring, $14,00

Sadly cannot find the link anymore ;;w;; So sorry

Leaf Ring, $15,00  Love Ring, $16,00

Baby Elephant Necklace, 18,00
Comet Star Necklace, $18,00

Crown Necklace, $21,00

Dreamcatcher Necklace, $23,00

Elephants Necklace, 18,00

Sadly cannot find the link anymore ;;w;; So sorry

  I love you to the moon & back, $20,00

Lamb Necklace, $18,00

Bow Bangle Bracelet, $18,00
Circle Bangle Bracelet, $18,00

Crossed Line Bracelet, $18,00

Dreamer Bangle Bracelet, $17,00

Feather Charm Bracelet, $28,00

Leaf Charm Leather Bracelet, $24,00

Sadly I cannot find the link anymore ;;w;; So sorry

Luck Charm Elephant Bangle Bracelet, $24,00

To be honest I didn’t knew what to blog about before just a few ours ago, when I checked my instagram yesterday, and came across all these so utterly perfect rings, necklaces and bracelets!

I fell in love with almost everything on the online shop. And I would really love to buy some of the jewlerys. A little con about the online shop is the price, which will be about 18$ — 25$, since they are made of almost pure gold and silver.

All the jewlery offers are absolutely adorable, I even got a 10% off cupon, for following Imsmiststyle on instagram. It’s not much to br honest. But I might think about the offer. 😀

Which of the upper photos catched your attention. Let me know your choice in the comments 😀

Xoxo — Miku

Student life

  The photo was taken in H&M, in other words I was didn’t bought anything, for now.

Dear followers and readers, 🍉

I am truly sorry for my absence, I am currently laying all my focus on my mathematic studies. Since I am such a strive I really, really want to pass the national test, which leads to inactivity.

The studies are going well so far, and I really hope for the best, mathematics is not my best subject, which in fact makes me quite nervous.. Nghh!

Beside studying mathematic I even study information and communication, and it is in fact quite interesting.

However, I have bought some new products and though about doing a review. These are mine absolutely favourite bath products. Wait for it.

Xoxo Miku.

{Review} Wanko

Wanko – is a famous fashion brand, whom offers a wide selection of elegant ladies’ fashion for any occasion. Wanko indeed has a really stylish selection of clothing, but it’s a really expenssive brand, and normally not my cup of tea. However taught myself to really fall in love with this sweet set.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

The set I bought contains of a black top and a peach coloured cardigan. This outfit will be definitely be perfect for a night out.

The top is made of 100 procent polyester and contains of a beautiful chain of pearls around the neck which I really adore.

The cardigan is also made of 100 procent polyester and has a really cute pattern on it, which I really like. It’s simple but yet really stylish.

Sorry for the bad quality of the photo.

The outfit is really comfortable to wear, even though the top can make me feel pretty electrical from time to time, but it’s not really a borther. It’s perfect for a night out. Personally I would match this with a black skirt, leggins and a pair of hig heels boots.