Hong Kong favourite drinks


Hong Kong really is different from the scandinavian when it comes to food and drinks. Besides drinking water I taught myself to love those three drinks the most.

The first one is a soft drink named Cream Soda. A sweet carbonated drink, which has a kinda sorta un—definable taste. It’s really sweet, and delicious taste like it’s creamy, with some vanilia in it. I never head about the cream soda before I came to Hong Kong. It’s a pity, because this is really delicate.

The second one is a korean milk drink, with taste of respectivly banana and strawberry. I’ve always wanted to taste the real product, since you won’t be anke to find this in my country.. (ㅠㅅㅠ) you can get some powder to get your milk taste like strawberry, chocolate, vanilia etc. I have tried both, and it is definitely not the same. I prefer the korean flavoured milk above everything else. Perfect for a thristy break.

The third one is a mango slush, which I tried on one of the many restutants in Hong Kong. The taste of sweetness and mango was perfect, and penetrating in a quite delicate way. In the end I learned to love this mango slush quite a lot.