Winter Apple

    It’s finally December, how lovely isn’t that? It’s the best season of the year and the season I love the most next after summer. Among most of us Danes, it’s a tradition to count down the days untill Chritmas evening, which takes place on the 24th December according to scandinavians.
We count the days by lightning up a candle, decorated with the numbers from 1 to 24. You will lit up the candle everyday, and let the number of the day vanish, until the 24. Christmas evening.
I myself use to love this tradition, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to get my own christmas calender candle, which I found quite sad in the end. However I found something else, to cheer me up. Those are my new Winter Apple candles.


Winter Apple, is a 3x3x2 package of scented candles. The scent contains of Apple and Cinnamon, a true that Christmas scent. Once I sniffed it still unpacked in the store I fell in love right away, because the cent and balance between both cinnamon and apple was absolutely stunning. I almost ate it. Once I unpacked the candles to lit a few of them up, the smell became even stronger. To be honest this was my first time to try scented candles.


Once I lit up the candles, I began to fear if the scent of cinnemon and apple would turn out different and less lovely, from when you just smell them. However I quickly discovered that the smell was pretty much the same. I have had the candles lit up for almost an hour now, and the cinnemon and apples are all around me. Just as lovely as if they still ad been unpacked.

These lovelies are definitely best purchase I have made in a while. Even though I found the prize a little too expenssive, I regret nothing. The scent is really all over the room.

Have a lovely 2:e December.



Wall Posters

Skandinavian Design

Hello sweets — I want to apologize since I haven’t been able to post anything new on the blog, but now. I am finally back with a new post. Today is the 24th of November, which mean there’s only a month left until Christmas evening.
{We in Scandinavian celebrate Christmas on the 24th December.}
However it’s definitely time to think about what you want for Christmas, if you have any wishes and I bet we all have. (: Since I moved to Sweden I find Christmas a great opportunity, to wish for something usefull or decorative for the new home. I share a really big love for wallposters, and I would love to see those beautiful posters hanging on the walls in my future home.

What do you think of wall posters do you have a favourite among my collage?


Lyngby Vasen


During next year, this beautiful and elegant piece of home decor, known as Lyngby vase celebrated it’s 80 years old birthday. The vase was introduced for the first time in 1934, and to celebrate their round birthday Lyngby by Hilfling made a jubliee edition of Portuguese marble. 

During the past few years the Lyngby vase got one of a great comeback, and today this stylish vase has become a design icon among Danes. The shape of the vase is Inspired by classic doric pillars, and the new jumbliee edition is made of white Portuguese Estremoz marble {can also be found in black}. The new vase appears completely clean, and as a classical sculpture this vase got a monument character.

I really love the shape and design of the jumbliee vase and to be honest I find this one of a really fine piece of home interior and decor. 

Would you like to have this beautiful vase in your home maybe?

November ♡ Love

This bedroom is so pure and perfect and that canopied bed is just so sweet. I want mine to look like that too.

H e l l o ♡ S w e e t s
first of all, I need to apologize deeply because I’ve been so extremely inactive. Ever since the end of summer, I’ve been working on my so to call it ‘moving to a new house’ project. To be honest, it’s been quite strenuous, since there has been quite a lot of thing that needed to be done after the move. But I am happy and I love it here in sweden. Everything else, except the cold fall weather here.
Unfortunately I haven’t been able to apply university yet, but I will hopefully be studying after christmas. Fingers crossed. Therefore I’ve got loads of time, to wonder about how my perfect dream house would look like, and I got it. I dinifintely want my future house to be light, and by this I mean all the walls must be white. A few black decors on the wall would be perfectly fine, as long as I won’t have to be in a too dark room, I am fine. I dislike darkness quite a lot. However white could be matched with almost if not simply everything. But I need to confess, I have a weakness for white. I think for me the bedroom would be the most important room according to me, since it’s the bedroom I love to spend most of my time, and so it has to be perfect. I would definitely not have a double bed, but a slightly smaller one, so that there are space enough to lie by yourself or closer to someone if that is what you want, and then I want a canopied bed, simply because I find it so fashionable and adorable. What my house else should look like must remain a question. But something:
Cozy, Sweet, Simple, Light, Sassy, Slightly vintage & modern would definitely do it.If you had to choose a favourite room, which room would you choose then?


Starry String Lights


I woke up at 8 am this morning, after a wonderful and peacefull night of sleeping, to check up on pinterest and then I found this! A chain of light, I mean how many of us girls mostly wouldn’t love to have those fairy a like lights as decoration in our homes? I have never tried this before to be honest, but I am totally in love with the mirror and the above the bed ideas. I will soon be moving far away from my birth place, and I need to confess that, I am quite excited and quite nervous about it. However I am sure it’ll be nice to finally have my own place, where I am able to do whatever I want to.

The “Starry String Lights” can be found on eBay and I will gladly post a link on this post as soon as I am nearby my Accer. Stay patient, I won’t let you down.

v if interested you can buy them on eBay. Link below.
Starry String Lights