How I nourish my hair

When it comes to haircare I think it’s really, really important that my hair look healthy, strong and shiny.

I do wash my hair quite often, which is about three to four days a week, to nourish and treat my hair for best result.

I often receive conpliments, for the shine and strength of my hair, and for how pretty my hair looks in general. Which makes me quite flattered everytime.

In this post I am going to confess my so called secret.

First I wash hair carefully in medium warm water, not to warm it must be comfortable.

When my hair is all wet I use this green package from Granier Fructis, fortifying shampoo. There are multiply of different hair care, find the one that gives you the best result, the Strength and Shine works best for me. 😀

Only take a bit of the shampoo and massage the shampoo into your hair carefully, the shampoo will soon foam, if not try to use a little water to help it foam. Otherwise take a little extra.

When I have washed my hair firmly but carefully, after 1 to 3 minutes, I wash all the shampoo Out of my hair, at this state it will already by now, feel much healthier. At least for me.

Then, when I’ve washed all of the shampoo out, I use the same brand; Granier Fructis, Fortifying Conditioner. The conditioner comes in many different Granier Fructis products, find the one that suits best for your hair.

Once again, do not take to much of the conditioner take a little and massage it carefully into your hair, use your fingers to foam in the conditioner into hair conpletely and let the conditioner melt into your hair by not washing your hair for 2 — 3 minutes. I use to wash my body while I wait.

When the 2 – 3 minutes has passed I wash the conditioner out of my hair. Make sure there’s nothing left in your hair. Wash it again otherwise. After this my hair feels soft, and much healthier.

Don’t brush your hair before it’s conpletely dry. It can actually break your hair.

This is seriously the best hair products I’ve ever used, and the fruit scent of the product is sweet but not overly sweet which I really prefer and it works.

x o x o — Miku