Cuddle Weekend

Nothing’s better than a weekend overdosed with love, and nothing’s better than some delicate American Pancakes, topped with whipped cream and berries, for breakfast. It’s been so many years ago since I had American Pancakes for breakfast so I really desired for making some. The pancakes turned out to be okay. They would have turned out to be incredible delicious, if I had used two eggs instead of three..

 As my drink, I decided to make myself a cup of Café Au Chocolate. The most delicate breakfast I had for quite a while, normally I won’t add any whipped cream nor any chocolate chips in my morning café,  only during the evening, if I desire for something delicious to drink.

Later this evening I will be sitting our sofa, in front of the TV, by eating this delicate creamy biscuit milk chocolate from Marabou which is definitely one of favourites, and some soft drink on that, would be perfect.

Today the will be sending the newest episode of the popular, scandinavian criminal serie Broen/Bron or as it is called in English; The Bridge. It’s the 3rd season and I have been a fan ever since the 1st season. I am dying to know what is happening. I normally don’t like criminal movies nor series, but The Bridge really catched my attention. It’s a fantastic serie.

What have you been doing during the weekend? What is your favourite way to spend the morning? Any favourite breakfast? Have you heard about The Bridge? If yes, have you watched it or do you want to watch it?



Hong Kong favourite drinks


Hong Kong really is different from the scandinavian when it comes to food and drinks. Besides drinking water I taught myself to love those three drinks the most.

The first one is a soft drink named Cream Soda. A sweet carbonated drink, which has a kinda sorta un—definable taste. It’s really sweet, and delicious taste like it’s creamy, with some vanilia in it. I never head about the cream soda before I came to Hong Kong. It’s a pity, because this is really delicate.

The second one is a korean milk drink, with taste of respectivly banana and strawberry. I’ve always wanted to taste the real product, since you won’t be anke to find this in my country.. (ㅠㅅㅠ) you can get some powder to get your milk taste like strawberry, chocolate, vanilia etc. I have tried both, and it is definitely not the same. I prefer the korean flavoured milk above everything else. Perfect for a thristy break.

The third one is a mango slush, which I tried on one of the many restutants in Hong Kong. The taste of sweetness and mango was perfect, and penetrating in a quite delicate way. In the end I learned to love this mango slush quite a lot.

Choux à la crème

Choux à la crème, better known as Cream Puff is a Frence choux pastry ball with a typically sweet filling of whipped cream or ice cream inside. The puffs can be decorated with some garnished with chocolate sauce, caramel, or a dusting of powdered sugar as topping, or you can leave the puffs plain, depends on what you prefer and likes.

I’ve never tried a cream puff before, not really. I once had some small buns filled with vanilia ice crem in it for dessert once, tho. It was not untill we went to Hong Kong I discovered what a real crem puff actually was, and I was dying to taste one of them. Therefore on my last week in Hong Kong I decided to buy this cream puff. Filled with a delicate whipped cream inside it, and decorated with the most delicious strawberries. Thee topping consisded of powdered sugar which was dusted on top of the dessert.

I ended up eating the puff as breakfast the day we had to go home, and it was delicate. Absolutely delicious. The taste of it was heavenly, like if the puff was melting when you ate it. So sweet.

Even tho it was my first cream puff it was still the best I’d had, and I would certainly like to try it again.
I am currently looking for a recipe, since I want to try to make my own cream puff once I move.
Because I cannot descripe with Words how delicious it actually was.