November Whislist

I’ve see quite a few wishlists lately and to be honest, I think it’s rather cute, but also a great opportunity to get some feedback and advice of the products. So I thought about making my own wishlist for november. I am quite facinated and found of cute products, but the quality is also really important, since I don’t want to buy products with any odd or harmful chemicals in it. I presume no one does. Let me show you the wishlist then.
The first product is a serie called Xoxo Minnie. I’ve lately fallen in love with the gel nail polish look, and when I found those it was like love at first sight. I especially love the two pink glitter nail polish in the middle and the more natural pink on the right.

Which one do you like the most? I would love to know.

The next product on my list is also a gel nail polish, and I love it already. I won’t be able to tell if the product lives up to my expectations but it looks so stunning and adorable on the photo. I absolutely love the pink colour and all the glitter makes it even more cute. I would die to test this nail gel polish from Etude House aswell.

Now, when I am already in the nail polish category I might as well continue, those are also gel polish, and also from the Korean makeup brand Etude House. I am really in love with the red and pink Enamelting polish.
Which one do you like the most? I must admit I have a weakness for the yellow one as well, but I am little frightening.

The next product is a moisturing sleeping pack. I found the package really cute, and since I can be struggling with dry skin (I do not nessecarily have struggles with dry face. My hands are worse) during the cold winter this product sounded quite refreshing.

Next on my list will be those stunning creamy bling bling Eye sticks. I got two already, but I would definitely love to have a few more to the collection. Since I find them so beautiful. The strong shades that slightly fades when you apply the colour to your eyes, gives you a sassy chick look. I especially love number 11.


RD307 Beauty

PK015 Dazzling Pink

The next product on my list will be those creamy lipsticks, from ET. I hear so much about this wonderful lipstick serie Dear My Blooming Lips Talk and as the big fan of Etude House I am I would love to try some of them. #PK011 Confident Pink, #RD307 Beauty and #PK015 Dazzling Pink is definitely my favourites.
Which one do you prefer among those beautiful colours?
Those mini babe mists look so extremely cute and should moisture your skin, so that your skin would feel like baby skin. I really love the package and the different scents seem to be really lovely. I live peach, I love lime and I love apples. However I was stupid enough to loose the link to those cute mists, and therefore also the product brand.

The next one is a Tint Bar Tripple Shot Colour Lipstick. Those tripple lipsticks should give your lips quite a stunning look, and I actually really like the idea.

Those Cream Cheek Blushers from the Japanese Brand CanMake will be my second last wish. I got a few products from CanMake already, though I haven’t got the opportunity to play around with my products so much. Though I like the brand so far. I am deeply in love with the redest blusher, and even more in love with the peach shade and the pink shade.

Which one do you like the most? I would love to know your opinion too.

The last product on my November list will be this Sugared Pink Macaron Tint Balm from Etude House.