November ♡ Love

This bedroom is so pure and perfect and that canopied bed is just so sweet. I want mine to look like that too.

H e l l o ♡ S w e e t s
first of all, I need to apologize deeply because I’ve been so extremely inactive. Ever since the end of summer, I’ve been working on my so to call it ‘moving to a new house’ project. To be honest, it’s been quite strenuous, since there has been quite a lot of thing that needed to be done after the move. But I am happy and I love it here in sweden. Everything else, except the cold fall weather here.
Unfortunately I haven’t been able to apply university yet, but I will hopefully be studying after christmas. Fingers crossed. Therefore I’ve got loads of time, to wonder about how my perfect dream house would look like, and I got it. I dinifintely want my future house to be light, and by this I mean all the walls must be white. A few black decors on the wall would be perfectly fine, as long as I won’t have to be in a too dark room, I am fine. I dislike darkness quite a lot. However white could be matched with almost if not simply everything. But I need to confess, I have a weakness for white. I think for me the bedroom would be the most important room according to me, since it’s the bedroom I love to spend most of my time, and so it has to be perfect. I would definitely not have a double bed, but a slightly smaller one, so that there are space enough to lie by yourself or closer to someone if that is what you want, and then I want a canopied bed, simply because I find it so fashionable and adorable. What my house else should look like must remain a question. But something:
Cozy, Sweet, Simple, Light, Sassy, Slightly vintage & modern would definitely do it.If you had to choose a favourite room, which room would you choose then?



Tian Tai Buddha

The 17. July 2015, I went to Tung Chau to take the cable cars up to experience Tian Tin Buddha, also known as ”Big Buddha.“ 

The Tian Tin Buddha is a large bronze statue of a Sakyamuni Buddha completed in 1993, and located at Ngong Ping, Lantau Island, in Hong Kong. The statue symbolises the harmonious relationship between man and nature, people and faith. It is a major centre of Buddhism in Hong Kong and a quite popular tourist attraction. 

My family and I have visited the Tian Tin Buddha twice before, and it has somewhat become a tradition for us to visit this large bronze statue when we’ve been in Hong Kong this year was no excuse. 

You have to take the cable cars when you visit Big Buddha, since he is sitting on a mountain, but the experience is worth everything, and the view is amazing, you wouldn’t miss this. I recommend you to visit this beautiful place if you are going to visit Hong Kong someday.