My perfect Autumn outfit

I got the link, if someone is interested

  I have earlier mentioned that I got a weakness for a cute yet slightly sassy? outfit, which is also seen on my style of clothes. And once again I have a weakness for South Korea and most of their fashion. This Long Sleeve Lace Coat, would be for perfectly in my wardrobe and the perfect coat for during Autumn and Spring. I love how the coat almost looks like a dress. To be honest I’ve been lokning for something like this for years, and now I found this.

I got the link, if someone is interested

 Those sweet leather gloves would look stunning with the coat above. I love it black, and the small sassy fur balls just made the gloves even cuter to look at, which I presume characterizes me as person very well.

   To make the outfit a little less black I would love to match the outfit with those pretty boots, slightly decorated with the golden colour.

I got the link, if someone is interested

 At least but not to forget, I couldn’t be able to go antihelte with out a soft and thick knitted scarfs. I guess I am addicted to this lovely piece of clothes, it makes me warm and less cold.

I am sorry this became a rather short post, I’ve been busy lately but I could not stand the thought of Kettinge my followers down.

Please let me know what you think of those lovely pieces and perhaps introduce me to your own style? I would love to know more about it.



Bling Bling Eye Stick

As I mentioned in my previous post, “Etude House” I bought two of those creamy eyeshadow sticks. “White meteor & Pink Rise star” I love the colours, tho I haven’t tested my own yet. I have to admit that the colours are stunning beautiful. I love them. Which colours do you like?

첼리 매니쿠어


Ever since the day, I went to Etude House, the korean cosmetics store in Hong Kong I have been longing for trying more of Etude House’s products. And I found this product on their website. Etude House. I would love to try this nailpolish so badly. It has this pretty smooth red colour and looks like jelly I want to eat this, and it looks so cute.

Actually this was not the nail polish I searched for to begin with. Because I figured out that, I was searching for a Valentine collection from 2013, which is pretty late, but oh dear god it looked pretty. Anyways I found this instead, a nail polish which looks really similar to the other. There are lots of different colours to chose between. One last thing I really adore how you can pick the different colours and get a sneak peak on how it may look like. If I buy some, I will try them and let you know what I think.



Ever heard about a sweet Japanese called mochi? Mochi is a Japanese rice cake, made of mochigome, a short–grain japonica glutinous rice. The traditionally mochi can eventually either be filled with a delicious gel or eaten without, you can even fill them with fruit if you like, the opportunities are endless, as long as you are creative.

I’ve tried this kind of sweets before, the rice cake was covered with sesame and filled with some kind of sesame filling. I really liked them, even tho it got a bit too sweet in the end. 

I even got the change to taste a new mochi during my month in Hong Kong. This one is a strawberry mochi, filled with a sweet gel, with the taste of strawberry. I must admit that those were the Best mochis I’ve ever had. The sweetness and the taste was perfect. I would definitely love to eat those kind of delicate mochis again.