Wishlist January

Good morning sweets 🍉
As an apologize for my abscene, I’ve decided to share another post with you, simply because you are all so sweet. Ah got some inspiration from my sister, who has bought such a lovely shirt, and my lust for writing a »wishlist« sounded like a splendid idea. I have bought none of these clothes nor makeup, however if I should buy any of it. I will absolutely give you a review.

British inspired school uniform

I decided to post this British inspirered school uniform, because I love England, the British accent, these adorable school uniforms and oh gosh. I am not sure though if this would suit me in white or if I should stick to the black one though. It’s quite boring if half your wardrobe contains so many black pieces of clothes already, right? 😀

Mooncolour Pullover

I fell in love with this adorable and gothic pullover sweater, because I really digg the white paint detail. Which makes it look like paint has actually been poured over the shirt. I would really love to have this fine pullover in my wardrobe, basically because it can really be cold here, and because I really need to find a new pullover. 

Etude House Lash Serum

Etude House’s products have tendens to look so utterly cute and I really love it. This Lash Serum is meant to protect your eyelashes from breaking, help them to look healthy and to make your eyelashes to look a tad longer. My eyelashes do not look too small to be honest  small, however I would love to make them look a little longer than they do, but the main reason for my wish is to make my eyelashes look healthy. 

Dear Darling Tint

 Dear Darling Tint from Etude House, looks so adorable, and the colour looks absolutely wonderful, and the scent of it much be just as candy. I have only heard positive feedback of the Dear Darling Tint, and it really motivates me to buy it. Perhaps I simply should simply just buy it! ❤
Moistfull collagen

The moistfull collagen sleeping pack looks so soft and moistfull to be honest. I am a person who can struggle with dry skin, during the winter especially. I would love to try this one out.


Student life

  The photo was taken in H&M, in other words I was didn’t bought anything, for now.

Dear followers and readers, 🍉

I am truly sorry for my absence, I am currently laying all my focus on my mathematic studies. Since I am such a strive I really, really want to pass the national test, which leads to inactivity.

The studies are going well so far, and I really hope for the best, mathematics is not my best subject, which in fact makes me quite nervous.. Nghh!

Beside studying mathematic I even study information and communication, and it is in fact quite interesting.

However, I have bought some new products and though about doing a review. These are mine absolutely favourite bath products. Wait for it.

Xoxo Miku.

Throw Back to proem

Photos – taken by @blueducklings

Dear followers. . .

I am truely sorry for my inactivity. Unfortunately

I have been quite busy for the last month, and especially now when I am studying again. but it feels good.

For 1 year and 7 months ago, I graduated from high school, and really excited for the proem.

I found my inspiration for the dress through the internet. I am really sceptical when

it comes to buying such dresses online, no my dress had to be sewn by a professional and so it was! 😀

Asymetrical proem dresses, used as my inspiration

The Three dresses above were just a few of all the dresses I used for inspiration, no doubt

I simply love asymetric dresses, they are all so gracefull.

The colour was a challenge too since I had to choose by quite a few, I picked the Royal blue at the very last end.

I am so happy with the result, it suits perfectly with my dark bron hair. Wish I had Couples of reasons to wear the dress though.

Have you ever been to a proem, what did your dress look like?


Winter Apple

    It’s finally December, how lovely isn’t that? It’s the best season of the year and the season I love the most next after summer. Among most of us Danes, it’s a tradition to count down the days untill Chritmas evening, which takes place on the 24th December according to scandinavians.
We count the days by lightning up a candle, decorated with the numbers from 1 to 24. You will lit up the candle everyday, and let the number of the day vanish, until the 24. Christmas evening.
I myself use to love this tradition, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to get my own christmas calender candle, which I found quite sad in the end. However I found something else, to cheer me up. Those are my new Winter Apple candles.


Winter Apple, is a 3x3x2 package of scented candles. The scent contains of Apple and Cinnamon, a true that Christmas scent. Once I sniffed it still unpacked in the store I fell in love right away, because the cent and balance between both cinnamon and apple was absolutely stunning. I almost ate it. Once I unpacked the candles to lit a few of them up, the smell became even stronger. To be honest this was my first time to try scented candles.


Once I lit up the candles, I began to fear if the scent of cinnemon and apple would turn out different and less lovely, from when you just smell them. However I quickly discovered that the smell was pretty much the same. I have had the candles lit up for almost an hour now, and the cinnemon and apples are all around me. Just as lovely as if they still ad been unpacked.

These lovelies are definitely best purchase I have made in a while. Even though I found the prize a little too expenssive, I regret nothing. The scent is really all over the room.

Have a lovely 2:e December.


Wall Posters

Skandinavian Design

Hello sweets — I want to apologize since I haven’t been able to post anything new on the blog, but now. I am finally back with a new post. Today is the 24th of November, which mean there’s only a month left until Christmas evening.
{We in Scandinavian celebrate Christmas on the 24th December.}
However it’s definitely time to think about what you want for Christmas, if you have any wishes and I bet we all have. (: Since I moved to Sweden I find Christmas a great opportunity, to wish for something usefull or decorative for the new home. I share a really big love for wallposters, and I would love to see those beautiful posters hanging on the walls in my future home.

What do you think of wall posters do you have a favourite among my collage?


Lyngby Vasen


During next year, this beautiful and elegant piece of home decor, known as Lyngby vase celebrated it’s 80 years old birthday. The vase was introduced for the first time in 1934, and to celebrate their round birthday Lyngby by Hilfling made a jubliee edition of Portuguese marble. 

During the past few years the Lyngby vase got one of a great comeback, and today this stylish vase has become a design icon among Danes. The shape of the vase is Inspired by classic doric pillars, and the new jumbliee edition is made of white Portuguese Estremoz marble {can also be found in black}. The new vase appears completely clean, and as a classical sculpture this vase got a monument character.

I really love the shape and design of the jumbliee vase and to be honest I find this one of a really fine piece of home interior and decor. 

Would you like to have this beautiful vase in your home maybe?

Cloak of White

We’re only slightly over halfway through November, but for me it feels like December could arrive by tomorrow already. Maybe because it’s been snowing a lot since yeserday, and because the ground has been covered in a cloak of white.

I adore December and especially the days before Christmas a lot. Because by this time of the year you will have a good reason to be creative, but not only that, you will also have a good reason to eat a lots of delicious pastries and sweets, either bought or homemade, some of it.

Will definitely bake a lot of pastries, cookies, sweets etc. with my little sister.

Furthermore I really long after spreading some Christmas cheer among both my family and friends.

Are you excited for Christmas or is it only me? What do you use to do during December?