Mini Haul

I had a final assignment yesterday, after that, I went to meet my boyfriend in centrum, and we went for a mini haul, I decided to buy a little something to myself.

A Seamless Medium, fully lined sports bra, from H&M. In the colour black/grey. You can buy the same bra right here— Seamless Medium Sports Bra. The only difference, is the choice of colours.

The fabric is made of polyamide and polyester and really comfortable to wear, I have not been able to use it, I have only tried it once I brought it with me home. However I cannot wait to use it more. 😀

 I paid 129 SEK for the bra, which is aprox 15,16 USD.


Summer Dress

Good morning strawberries.

Front of the dress

I’ve once before made a review of one of my favourite outfits which I bought back when I was in Hong Kong. And it seems to be popular.

This appears to be one of my favourite summer dresses, and one probaply the finest piece of clothes I have ever got from eBay.

The dress is made of the fabric chiffon, which is makes the dress light as a feather to wear. The dress is black which I too be honest could easily regret since I have a weakness for white dresses, but I am absolutely satisfied.

Back of the dress

The back of the dress is really open, and a tad longer than the front of the dress, which makes the dress rather sassy but yet cute as well. It’s perfect for a hot summer day.

I probaply do not have the link to the dress anymore, but I might have found something like mine here, on New Chic
It’s really, really comfortable to wear and the fact that I bought it for 7,29 to 8,75 USD it’s definitely worth it.

[The quality of the photos is really poor, however it’s too cold to go outside, and I do not have my camera either. Formgive me. I will change them when I can]

Love Spell


Good evening sweets! ❤

Ah I just realized that it’s been quite some time ago, since I did any sort of review, so I decided to give you a review of oné of my all time favourite mists. 

Love Spell by Victoria Secret. ❤

I am so in love with the flacon of the mist, and the cute floral detail in the background makes the whole flacon absolutely adorable.

The scent of the mist which smell of Cherry  Blossom & Peache, is really sweet. So if you prefer less sweet scents, Victoria Secret’s mists might not be the right choice. However if you do like sweet scents I will definitely recommend Love Spell.

Xoxo — Miku

Throw Back to proem

Photos – taken by @blueducklings

Dear followers. . .

I am truely sorry for my inactivity. Unfortunately

I have been quite busy for the last month, and especially now when I am studying again. but it feels good.

For 1 year and 7 months ago, I graduated from high school, and really excited for the proem.

I found my inspiration for the dress through the internet. I am really sceptical when

it comes to buying such dresses online, no my dress had to be sewn by a professional and so it was! 😀

Asymetrical proem dresses, used as my inspiration

The Three dresses above were just a few of all the dresses I used for inspiration, no doubt

I simply love asymetric dresses, they are all so gracefull.

The colour was a challenge too since I had to choose by quite a few, I picked the Royal blue at the very last end.

I am so happy with the result, it suits perfectly with my dark bron hair. Wish I had Couples of reasons to wear the dress though.

Have you ever been to a proem, what did your dress look like?


{Review} Wanko

Wanko – is a famous fashion brand, whom offers a wide selection of elegant ladies’ fashion for any occasion. Wanko indeed has a really stylish selection of clothing, but it’s a really expenssive brand, and normally not my cup of tea. However taught myself to really fall in love with this sweet set.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

The set I bought contains of a black top and a peach coloured cardigan. This outfit will be definitely be perfect for a night out.

The top is made of 100 procent polyester and contains of a beautiful chain of pearls around the neck which I really adore.

The cardigan is also made of 100 procent polyester and has a really cute pattern on it, which I really like. It’s simple but yet really stylish.

Sorry for the bad quality of the photo.

The outfit is really comfortable to wear, even though the top can make me feel pretty electrical from time to time, but it’s not really a borther. It’s perfect for a night out. Personally I would match this with a black skirt, leggins and a pair of hig heels boots.