How I nourish my hair

When it comes to haircare I think it’s really, really important that my hair look healthy, strong and shiny.

I do wash my hair quite often, which is about three to four days a week, to nourish and treat my hair for best result.

I often receive conpliments, for the shine and strength of my hair, and for how pretty my hair looks in general. Which makes me quite flattered everytime.

In this post I am going to confess my so called secret.

First I wash hair carefully in medium warm water, not to warm it must be comfortable.

When my hair is all wet I use this green package from Granier Fructis, fortifying shampoo. There are multiply of different hair care, find the one that gives you the best result, the Strength and Shine works best for me. 😀

Only take a bit of the shampoo and massage the shampoo into your hair carefully, the shampoo will soon foam, if not try to use a little water to help it foam. Otherwise take a little extra.

When I have washed my hair firmly but carefully, after 1 to 3 minutes, I wash all the shampoo Out of my hair, at this state it will already by now, feel much healthier. At least for me.

Then, when I’ve washed all of the shampoo out, I use the same brand; Granier Fructis, Fortifying Conditioner. The conditioner comes in many different Granier Fructis products, find the one that suits best for your hair.

Once again, do not take to much of the conditioner take a little and massage it carefully into your hair, use your fingers to foam in the conditioner into hair conpletely and let the conditioner melt into your hair by not washing your hair for 2 — 3 minutes. I use to wash my body while I wait.

When the 2 – 3 minutes has passed I wash the conditioner out of my hair. Make sure there’s nothing left in your hair. Wash it again otherwise. After this my hair feels soft, and much healthier.

Don’t brush your hair before it’s conpletely dry. It can actually break your hair.

This is seriously the best hair products I’ve ever used, and the fruit scent of the product is sweet but not overly sweet which I really prefer and it works.

x o x o — Miku


Sunshine Blogger Award

Embarrassed hearts is really a darling nominated me for this cheerful Sunshine Blogger. I am her very thankful. 😀

Rules are simple:

Thank the person who nominated you.

Answer the questions for your nominator.

Nominate 11 bloggers and ask 11 questions.

Embarrassed Hearts questions;

What’s the weather like today?

You could almost have mistaken today fot being early spring, since the sun has been shinning all the day. I was so happy when I woke up, it was so pretty! However when your looked at the temperature it said 11 degrees below zero, you feel cold.

What is your favourite part of blogging?

The best about blogging is to share my photos and my experiences with other bloggers and then of course meet new people. Which makes it want to blog.

Can you name your three WordPress/Blogger friends? Show them gratitude!

Embarrassed Heart



Does the world spin the right way for you?

Describe your best friend!

My best friend is Kurdish and sucka darling to me. I have known her since 2th or 3th grade. She is always there for me when I need someone to talk with or someone to support me, as well as I am for her. Her amazing voice makes me really proud. She’s my Sunshine and I miss her so much!!

Are you tall?

I hate this question so much! 😀 however I would consider myself as heigh enough. Hope that’s okay.

What’s your favourite book?

The Hush Hush serie and the Harry Potter serie, will be my favourite bild for now.

Do you play any instruments?

I love the sound of a good and beautiful piano play, and I even used to play a bit myself, however I never has any piano lessons, I learned to play by myself, and no I am not a piano goddess.

Are you into the romantic world?

It depends to be honest, since I really want to be treaten like a princess. But as long as the boy is charming, sweet, supporting and adorable I will be happy enough.

I nominate;





Mine questions;

What is your favourite ice cream flavour?

What is one famous thing that characterizes your country?

Pancakes waffle?

Do you use higlighters for your notes?

What is your favourite hair updo?

What is you favourite makeup brand?

What kind of shoe person are you?Sneakers, High heels, boots etc!

What is your favourite dish and dessert?

Do you have any cute pets? If yes which pets and what are the pets name?

Somewhere you want to visit, and why?

What is your favourite season?

Libester Award

 This appears to be my very first Libester Award, actually my first award ever. And for that I am really flattered and happy. 😀 Beside being nominated to the Liebester Award I even got nominated to the Sunshine Blogger Award.2 awards in a row.

So thank you so much to Embarrassed Hearts, for beings such a sweetheart. I am your really thankful. 😀

Embarrassed Heart’s questions

What golas do you have for the future?

I really want to study hard and become successful in some carreer, perhaps as an interior designer or an architect, it sounds so cool, to be honest. However it’s quite a tough education.. 

What is your obsession which you can never escape from?

The music world is something I might never be able to escape from, nor do I want to. I am not really fond of a world without music, since music makes me feel calm and happy.

The Sims world is another not obsession but something I will never be able to escape. Ever since I began to play sims2 I might have become addicted somehow, since I love to be the goddess? And to build my sims houses. So if I am not studying these days, I will be playing sims4 instead. 😀

Do you play sport? If yes, which one?

I am not really fond of sports, I used to take dance lessons when I was young and I was actually pretty good. I highly regret that I stopped. Otherwise no sport.

What is the best moment of your life?

Such a hard question to answer, however since most of my family members live in Hong Kong, I am greatful and happy for all the 5 times I have been there to visit them. I really miss them.

Another moment which menas the world to me was the first year I mer my boyfriend. And all the nights we spend on skype. Videochatting tills both of us fell asleep.

Would you be able to live without internet?

This question torns me slowly apart. Because on first hand I would have much more time to do whatever I want to and get rid of sitting in front of my Accer too much. On the other hand I will have to day no, because I would fond it hard not to be able to helt from my family, that much.

What is your favourite colour?

I would pick red as my favourite, because in Chinese culture red symbolize luck, and because red is such a wonderful colour. I use to wear red nailpolish.

Do you have a song stuck in your head?

It happens sometimes, however I might have been too focused on mathematics, I slowly drowns.

What’s your lucky numbers?

Ngh? I am not really sure if I have any lucky number. I use to stick to 13 because I was born Friday 13th..

What’s your unlucky numbers?

4.. Chinese as I am!

Do you think the Libester Award is long? 

This is my first Libester Award, so I kind of found it quite fun to do. However it’s quite some things you have to do before you pass the award on to the next bloggers.

I really want to travel to South Korea.

I find Hong Kongs bakery shops and bake work so utterly delicious and cute.

1 1 random facts about myself;

I am half Scandinavia and half Hong Konger.

I despise evil human.

I love chocolate so much.

I want to have a more British accent. 

I want to visit England.

I fear but love the Victorian Era.

I want to have a kitten and I want to name it something adorable.

I love my haircolour, I think it’s pretty, especially under the sunshine, it kind of look orange.

When I was 6 years old I was going to be an actress or a singer.

I love baking and cooking.

I adore Korean fashion.

Who I nominate.

I has a hard time picking so I will just pick two:

Blueduckling, because her blog is adorable, which mean, I really enjoy reading her blog. Darling.

Ragnhild, because she is such a sweetheart, and because I love her blog and her photos. 

My questions for the nominated bloggers:

Do you have a favourite English accent?  If yes, which one?

What is your favourite dessert?

If you could travel anywhere you want, where would you go?

Share something funny you have experienced?

Are you a kitten or a puppy lover?

What Tv–series do you follow?

What season of the year is your favourite?

Love Spell


Good evening sweets! ❤

Ah I just realized that it’s been quite some time ago, since I did any sort of review, so I decided to give you a review of oné of my all time favourite mists. 

Love Spell by Victoria Secret. ❤

I am so in love with the flacon of the mist, and the cute floral detail in the background makes the whole flacon absolutely adorable.

The scent of the mist which smell of Cherry  Blossom & Peache, is really sweet. So if you prefer less sweet scents, Victoria Secret’s mists might not be the right choice. However if you do like sweet scents I will definitely recommend Love Spell.

Xoxo — Miku

Wishlist January

Good morning sweets 🍉
As an apologize for my abscene, I’ve decided to share another post with you, simply because you are all so sweet. Ah got some inspiration from my sister, who has bought such a lovely shirt, and my lust for writing a »wishlist« sounded like a splendid idea. I have bought none of these clothes nor makeup, however if I should buy any of it. I will absolutely give you a review.

British inspired school uniform

I decided to post this British inspirered school uniform, because I love England, the British accent, these adorable school uniforms and oh gosh. I am not sure though if this would suit me in white or if I should stick to the black one though. It’s quite boring if half your wardrobe contains so many black pieces of clothes already, right? 😀

Mooncolour Pullover

I fell in love with this adorable and gothic pullover sweater, because I really digg the white paint detail. Which makes it look like paint has actually been poured over the shirt. I would really love to have this fine pullover in my wardrobe, basically because it can really be cold here, and because I really need to find a new pullover. 

Etude House Lash Serum

Etude House’s products have tendens to look so utterly cute and I really love it. This Lash Serum is meant to protect your eyelashes from breaking, help them to look healthy and to make your eyelashes to look a tad longer. My eyelashes do not look too small to be honest  small, however I would love to make them look a little longer than they do, but the main reason for my wish is to make my eyelashes look healthy. 

Dear Darling Tint

 Dear Darling Tint from Etude House, looks so adorable, and the colour looks absolutely wonderful, and the scent of it much be just as candy. I have only heard positive feedback of the Dear Darling Tint, and it really motivates me to buy it. Perhaps I simply should simply just buy it! ❤
Moistfull collagen

The moistfull collagen sleeping pack looks so soft and moistfull to be honest. I am a person who can struggle with dry skin, during the winter especially. I would love to try this one out.

Student life

  The photo was taken in H&M, in other words I was didn’t bought anything, for now.

Dear followers and readers, 🍉

I am truly sorry for my absence, I am currently laying all my focus on my mathematic studies. Since I am such a strive I really, really want to pass the national test, which leads to inactivity.

The studies are going well so far, and I really hope for the best, mathematics is not my best subject, which in fact makes me quite nervous.. Nghh!

Beside studying mathematic I even study information and communication, and it is in fact quite interesting.

However, I have bought some new products and though about doing a review. These are mine absolutely favourite bath products. Wait for it.

Xoxo Miku.