Throw Back to proem

Photos – taken by @blueducklings

Dear followers. . .

I am truely sorry for my inactivity. Unfortunately

I have been quite busy for the last month, and especially now when I am studying again. but it feels good.

For 1 year and 7 months ago, I graduated from high school, and really excited for the proem.

I found my inspiration for the dress through the internet. I am really sceptical when

it comes to buying such dresses online, no my dress had to be sewn by a professional and so it was! 😀

Asymetrical proem dresses, used as my inspiration

The Three dresses above were just a few of all the dresses I used for inspiration, no doubt

I simply love asymetric dresses, they are all so gracefull.

The colour was a challenge too since I had to choose by quite a few, I picked the Royal blue at the very last end.

I am so happy with the result, it suits perfectly with my dark bron hair. Wish I had Couples of reasons to wear the dress though.

Have you ever been to a proem, what did your dress look like?