Choux à la crème

Choux à la crème, better known as Cream Puff is a Frence choux pastry ball with a typically sweet filling of whipped cream or ice cream inside. The puffs can be decorated with some garnished with chocolate sauce, caramel, or a dusting of powdered sugar as topping, or you can leave the puffs plain, depends on what you prefer and likes.

I’ve never tried a cream puff before, not really. I once had some small buns filled with vanilia ice crem in it for dessert once, tho. It was not untill we went to Hong Kong I discovered what a real crem puff actually was, and I was dying to taste one of them. Therefore on my last week in Hong Kong I decided to buy this cream puff. Filled with a delicate whipped cream inside it, and decorated with the most delicious strawberries. Thee topping consisded of powdered sugar which was dusted on top of the dessert.

I ended up eating the puff as breakfast the day we had to go home, and it was delicate. Absolutely delicious. The taste of it was heavenly, like if the puff was melting when you ate it. So sweet.

Even tho it was my first cream puff it was still the best I’d had, and I would certainly like to try it again.
I am currently looking for a recipe, since I want to try to make my own cream puff once I move.
Because I cannot descripe with Words how delicious it actually was.


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